Mind-Management on DEMAND...

We are thrilled to introduce our sophomore SE mentoring platform entitled... Soaring with A SophoMORE MENTALITY - The High School Edition. Our on DEMAND platform is specifically designed to provide a steady social-emotional support system for sophomores that leads to positive emotional regulation, conflict resolution, behavior management, and quality decision-making. We will help sophomores to develop and maintain a strong sense of self-esteem and self-worth so that they become change agents and champions of their own mental wellness. Students will exercise their ability to resize negative experiences; thus, empowering them to create positive social-emotional outcomes.

A Message from the Mindset Mentor!

Our Difference

We take Proactive, Preventive, & Precautionary Mentoring Measures.

  • PROACTIVE - We mentor in anticipation of future SE challenges.

  • PREVENTIVE - We mentor to reduce the number of negative SE incidents.

  • PRECAUTIONARY - We mentor to evoke positive thinking that leads to positive SE outcomes.

Our 5-Tier 10th Grade Milestone Guide

On DEMAND Social-Emotional Support at it's BEST!

  • Call-to-Action

    Students will be given an introduction and instructions on how to meet the milestone.

  • Call-to-Action Guide

    The Call-to-Action Guide answers... Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

  • Call-to-Action Journal

    Evokes mindfulness and emotional regulation.

  • Made-to-Order Assignment

    Customized to support the school's / school's district's strategic SEL plans.

  • Share Your Experience & Document Your Progress

    In-school social media platform that allow students to share their SE gains.

Mind-Management on DEMAND

STARTS 2023 - 2024 School Year

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