For College/University Sophomores

Our online social-emotional mentoring platform will be customized to work in tandem with your institution's strategic SEL plans and mental wellness initiatives.

  • We are excited to introduce our sophomore mentorship platform entitled... Soaring With A SophoMORE MENTALITY - The College Edition. Our platform provides mentorship that will serve as a thought partner and support system for sophomores as they navigate the social, emotional, and mental changes of their second year. Students will receive year-to-year mental wellness support as they matriculate and pursue their educational goals/career path. Our mentoring platform offers self-paced functionality so that students are able to conveniently and simultaneously embrace our support while successfully maintaining their academics. Our drip-feature functionality will help to highlight student progress and hold students accountable. In addition, we will work hand-in-hand with your institution and local business owners to provide student incentives.