Mind-Management on DEMAND...

Journeying with a Junior’s Mentality will serve as a social-emotional support system and thought partner for juniors during their most challenging school year. We will strengthen the students' sense of resiliency as they navigate the busiest and most important academic year of high school. Juniors will gain increased understanding on the importance of employing proactive, preventive, and precautionary social-emotional behaviors.

A Message from the Mindset Mentor!

Our Difference

We take Proactive, Preventive, & Precautionary Mentoring Measures.

  • PROACTIVE - We mentor in anticipation of future SE challenges.

  • PREVENTIVE - We mentor to reduce the number of negative SE incidents.

  • PRECAUTIONARY - We mentor to evoke positive thinking that leads to positive SE outcomes.

Our 5-Tier 11th Grade Milestone Guide

On DEMAND Social-Emotional Support at it's BEST!

  • Call-to-Action

    Students will be given an introduction and instructions on how to meet the milestone.

  • Call-to-Action Guide

    The Call-to-Action answers... Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

  • Call-to-Action Journal

    Evokes mindfulness and emotional regulation.

  • Made-to-Order Assignments

    Customized to support the school's / school district's strategic SEL plans.

  • Share Your Experience & Document Your Progress

    In-school social media platform that allow students to share their SE gains.

Mind-Management on DEMAND

STARTS 2023 - 2024 School Year

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